A Debt Relief Lawyer Offers Several Great Options For Getting Out Of Debt

Posted on: 28 February 2017

Getting into debt can take time and can suddenly creep up on you; and at some point, you might feel like you hit rock bottom. You might be in such bad financial shape that you cannot even make minimum payments on all your debts. Are you in this position right now, and are you tired of all the collection calls you keep receiving? If so, visiting with a debt relief lawyer like Clinger Richard S is probably a good thing to do. There are ways to get out of debt, and here are a few options the lawyer might discuss with you.


You may never have thought you would be in the position where you would need to file bankruptcy, but this actually might be the best way out. The lawyer will ask you several questions that relate to your income and debts, and these questions are designed to see if you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

With Chapter 7, you can get rid of your debts without paying for them, as long as they are qualifying debts. This is the best, fastest, and easiest form of bankruptcy, but it is only available for people that earn less income than the median income in the state they live in.

If you do not qualify for this, you could use Chapter 13. Chapter 13 bankruptcy has its benefits, but it will take time and you will have to repay at least some of your debts.

Debt Consolidation Or Debt Settlement

If using bankruptcy is not the best option for your situation, the lawyer might talk to you about the following two methods commonly used for debt relief purposes:

  • Debt consolidation – This is a great way to reduce the number of payments you have each month. With this option, all your debts are combined into one. You may one payment, and the company that offers the debt consolidation will use your payment to repay the debts that you owe. This option can take years to use, though, and it will usually require repaying 100% of your debts.
  • Debt settlement – Debt settlement can be a faster option than consolidating your debts, and it will allow you to become debt-free by repaying only a portion of your debts. With this option, your lawyer will work out settlement plans with each creditor, and you will then have to pay off the balances owed.

There are options available to help you get rid of debt, but it will take you making the first step to seek help. To do this, contact a debt relief lawyer in your city today.